Preschool Calendars

Preschool Calendar
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Preschool Calendars

Preschool blank calendars are a wonderful way to start teaching your child or student numbers, time, days of the week, the twelve months, and holidays. Many book stores and all school supply stores will carry an assortment of calendars that will meet your teaching need. Engaging children with these calendar lessons are vital for teaching them skills they will need to excel in their kindergarten education. If you are unable to find one of these preschool calendars, I would suggest picking up a regular child-friendly calendar; something that will keep their attention. For example a High School Musical or Hannah Montana calendar. Daily calendars (page a day) are also a great way to teach numbers. For additional free printable calendars, visit our sister site Preschool Calendars.

If you are looking for printable preschool calendars, we offer a variety free for your use. There's a generic numberless calendar above that you can download or print, and a set of 12 monthly calendars below.

Blank Calendars for School and Teachers

JPG - PDF - Featuring two ice skaters on a cold winter's day.
JPG - PDF - Valentines clip art.
JPG - PDF - Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.
JPG - PDF - When the snow begins to melt, Spring has finally come!
JPG - PDF - Celebrating May Day.
JPG - PDF - Great weather for and outdoor camping adventure.
JPG - PDF - Celebrating Independence Day.
JPG - PDF - A hot summer's sun for the end of Summer Break.
JPG - PDF - Back to school month!
JPG - PDF - Spooky Jack-o-Lanterns light up the night.
JPG - PDF - Thanksgiving dinner is a great way to keep warm through those frosty nights.
JPG - PDF - It just wouldn't be December without snowmen.

Looking for more? Check out our blank calendars homepage, or the weekly and yearly calendars pages.

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Our preschool calendars are great for teachers and schools, and any parent wanting their child to get a head start in kindergarten.